Two scientists grapple with reality while watching the dream of their final subject.

This is a teasing short film that only scratches the surface of a deep mind-invading story, it cleverly opens the door for our heads to dig deeper to make up our own beginnings or endings. Subconscious Disconnect is about two scientists who watch and analyze dreams with a machine that connects the subject’s subconscious to a monitor. Confined to their lab, they begin to question reality after a patient beings to dream about them in real time, are they alive or figments of someone’s imagination?

It’s a great way to get people interested in exploring the concept further; who these characters are, what they represent to the dreamer, and the facility they work in can go in so many different directions, especially since it’s taking place inside someone’s subconscious.

The look and feel of the film is just as mysterious as the mind infringing story, which infiltrates deep in your head to cause confusion and astoundment and will make you ask yourself if you are just someone’s figment of imagination. The subtle tense music builds up as the questions do and makes you sit on the edge of your seat. The film suffers a little with its sound recording and a few hard to hear scenes, but recovers it with its sombre atmosphere given by the wonderful cinematography and music.

The film was written as a short story by Garrison Kammer, director’s Ian Kammer‘s cousin back in 2006. Ian wanted to make a narrative short before finishing school, so they rewrote the story and shot it a month before graduating. The short was originally intended as a contained film, but in the editing process it evolved into a proof of concept, they only really scratched the surface of the story and theme.