What is the taste of love? Could it be sweet, sour, bitter or even salty?

A young woman on a quest for the taste of love: Taste of Love recalls past events, the most significant sexual moments of a young woman’s life. From her first intimate touch, that sweetly lingered on her mind, to the salty taste the Italian boy left on her lips at the beach, the bitter alcohol induced nights out or the strange sour taste of limes that spurred on her curiosity even further. The search for the ideal taste of love has long been abandoned. The endless possibilities encourage her to combine the most peculiar flavors. The once tenacious pursuit becomes a pleasurable journey.

Love is as diverse as our sense of taste.

TASTE OF LOVE is a diploma high school project inspired by events of the main actress and Paul Scheufler, (director, producer, co-writer). We wanted to create a story about our colorful and diverse world. A young and strong woman, who is open minded about all different kind (tastes) of loves. She tells her story in a really intensive, intimate and honest way and let us be part of her journey. Briefly I would say: TASTE OF LOVE is a firework and ode to the colorful bazaar of passions. It doesn’t matter what do you love and like.

Gloriously brought together by the creative work of Paul Scheufler, Taste of Love captivates our senses through the vivid imagery. A crafty use of macro shots combined with tantalizing lighting to capture the many shapes, textures and colors really create a visual experience like no other!