A compelling slow motion art piece, exploring the themes of memories and dealing with loss.

What caught our attention from this film was not the special effects, but rather the courage of exploring surrealism within the realm of human emotions and time.

Glimpse of Love tells the story of a young man who has experienced a recent tragedy in his love life. Certain places trigger an emotional journey through his past memories that helps him find meaning and salvation.

Filmed in Switzerland with a collaboration of 2 students, Joshua Pflüger & Anastasia Romanchuka from creative agency Sichtfeld GmbH.

For us students it was manly for the experience and the opportunity to make a full scale short on a fairly professional level with an actual yet very small budget (around 5000 dollars excluding working hours). The company uses the film for exposure and reference as well as the valuable experience of the production for future projects.

The duo managed to experiment and have fun while creating a solid storyline with a tempered tempo. The visual effects fit in quite nicely with the motion and feel of the film, however I did feel just a little too much emphasis on the water drops. But all in all a pleasant (and sad) visual experience for a student film.