Pete’s absurdly desperate plan to win over his dream girl is everyone else’s nightmare in this tale of forbidden love and misguided affection.

Love and A Lug Wrench is a little film just as twisted as it’s title. Director Jeffrey Fleisig has a taste for the cheeky humor which is made quite evident in this eccentric love tale. The film covers Pete’s absurd desperate plan to win over his dream girl, which turns out to be everyone else’s nightmare. Diabolical performances from Ben Wilson and Abby Miller (Aquarius, Justified, Mad Men), director Jeffrey Fleisig delivers pitch-perfect black humor in this twisted ode to love.

As a long time career director of commercials, I was looking to tell a longer story. Brian’s (the writer) writing was so perfectly balanced between absurd and earnest, utterly hilarious that I had to make the film. I’m a sucker for Man’s desperate acts, and this character Pete’s idiotic effort to clear the path to marry his high school sweetheart was to me, the perfect grand gesture of love. Misguided, yes, but still, romantic in a dark comedy way.

The original ending had Pete hugging Allison, spinning her around in a joyful celebration of her accepting his proposal. As you see, we changed the ending, and I much prefer this ending, it raises the stakes and allows Peter another chance to demonstrate his love for her. And notice her slight approving smile at the very end.

Jeffrey’s eye for the farce in human endeavor has defined a distinguished career in the ad world. He’s an award winning, US based tv commercial director shooting campaigns for the world’s most recognized brands. Love & A Lug Wrench is Jeffrey Fleisig’s first short film, recently invited to screen at The Palm Springs International Film Festival, the Soho Film festival, the LA Comedy Film Festival. This black comedy straddles the line of absurdity, thrill, and humor in this desperate ode to love.