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Detective James Reinhardt and Samantha Trace arrive on the scene regarding the puzzling death of Reinhardt’s brother, Dave. The investigation leads to results that may just in fact haunt them for the rest of their lives.

DAVE is a proof of concept short by director Shawn Lebert, about Detective James Reinhardt and Samantha Trace, as they arrive on the scene regarding the puzzling death of Reinhardt’s brother, Dave. Starring an A-list cast with PJ Marshall (Underground, Luke Cage) and Anne Leighton (Grimm), the film thrives on mystery and extensive character and setting development to explore the story’s depths. Brilliantly executed with an unexpected little twist.

A few years ago, I worked alongside my good friend, cinematographer and fellow writer, Seth Johnson, as we put together a short script for the detective concept. The idea itself, I’ve been sitting on for a while now, it’s a shape-shifter of ideas from my previous scripts. I’m proud I was able to produce it. By the end of Dave, you’ll quickly understand that there’s more to be told, and that’s why I decided on delivering a proof of concept for a television series. The goal is to be able to bring a new kind of detective story, full of twists and turns that potentially spans a century long conspiracy, hidden but stitched within our history. Is James Reinhardt the one to uncover that truth or will he become buried alongside it? There’s a pilot script for it and would love to produce it in the future.

After watching, put on your detective hats and visit grimrasputinisdead.com to continue the mystery and discover what’s still buried in this online game.

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