A woman finally gets the job she’s been waiting for, but a sweet offer never comes without a bitter aftertaste.

Director Henry K. Norvalls is continuously defying us with thought-provoking films, and after presenting Shower not too long ago, we are thrilled to share his next film Sweet Things. This film may be less brutal and perhaps not as immediately shocking as the latter – but it’s one that will certainly linger in your thoughts for a time to come. Many protagonists to this social problem will be completely oblivious to their actions, which makes the problem all that much more socially embedded.

Sweet Things is based on a real life observed situation with a woman meeting a potential employer who’s not that interested in her actual qualifications. Our ambition has been to portray a realistic situation highlighting a social issue that’s affecting the everyday life for so many women. The film is meant to give a nuanced picture on how sexual harassment is such an integrated pattern in the most common relations.   

What was fascinating about this is how common and unfair these situations are. Abuse of authority and a well-integrated pattern of unhealthy patriarchal values. The story is simple and common enough, almost tedious if one only looks at the surface. But when analyzing the core of these events, they’re both unhealthy and damaging for our social patterns, how men look at women and how women fails to confront unhealthy behavior. 

The film was completed early 2017. In the light of the #metoo campaign this fall we felt obligated to share the film online in hope to bring a positive contribution to the issue.

Most sexual abuse talk consists of dark and physical manipulative abuse, which is often the tail end result of a long demeaning process. What Henry is able to capture brilliantly in this focused little peace is the shear subtlety that the manners and actions are performed in.