A man enters the shower after working out, but is soon side tracked by an unidentified noise. He decides to seek out the source and enters a situation that leave him completely exposed.

At first glance, Shower wasn’t a film that had us fully convinced on a selection; little story progression with a very uncomfortable situation, and an undoubtfully shocking ending. But it almost immediately had us thinking about how deep the story actually is, and it got pretty darn psychological. Henry K. Norvalls certainly pulled off a controversial and exposing piece that takes place entirely in a men’s locker room shower.

The film was made after participating at an international short film workshop. The task was designed to interpret the theme «naked». While developing the idea, I came to the realization that naked, for us, meant to be caught in a lie or have a secret revealed, when others knew what I didn’t want them to know. Thematically this takes up obsessed sexuality and the difficulties that bring.

Shot in a single location, the film depends on unusual character relation and tension to drive the story forward. Henry manipulates the audience to create a rather uncomfortable but intriguing viewing experience. The constant uncertainty is the battle that keeps the viewer engaged despite the discomfort, then the chilling ending is just the beginning of the mind teaser.