A little story on how bad food can harm your health.

A film that makes us cringe a little, especially with all the uncalled brutality and barbarism going lately in public places. However considering it on a cinematic level, Food For Thought has all the enticements needed in a short film. The short film was made for the World Health Day 2016. A little story on how bad food can harm your health, directed by Davide Gentile and original score by DanCa aka Daniele Carmosino.

No hamburgers were harmed in the making of the movie.

Davide creates a complete cinematic experience with incredible emphasis on suspense and timing, but the glorification of the film comes through its finest details, and how every shot and angle has been carefully sculpted. Of course, an unmatched lighting, setting and even cast performance sets Food For Thought on a high pedestal, but the cinematography and smooth motion of the film puts all the extra emphasis on the already entertaining storyline.