Set late one evening in a Westminster bar, a journalist meets the no-nonsense Deputy Finance Minister for what begins as a simple interview.

Tensions rise high in Patrick Walsh’s political thriller ‘Ostrich‘, where journalist Will Hewitt meets no-nonsense Deputy Finance Minister Pippa Thomas for what begins as a simple interview. Early exchanges, however, spark fireworks as both begin to reveal their dangerous hidden intentions — proving that once the truth is uncovered, there’s no going back. The heavy dialogue driven script forces the audience to be attentive, which is suitably made easy with a confined environment and an easing suspenseful score. To our big surprise, this was Patrick Walsh’s first attempt at directing

The director, Patrick Walsh, has spent most of his career as an editor working with Oscar winning directors like Tom Hooper, and Ostrich is his directorial debut! He has an interesting perspective on filmmaking being an editor turned director. His friends at Visual Goods, the production company behind Ostrich, heard he wanted to direct a film and basically challenged him to make a film. They helped develop his script and produce the film, bringing Patrick’s vision to a reality.

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A political thriller never goes without its twists and turns, but somehow ‘Ostrich‘ manages to really back it’s turning points with frightening and believable power. A strong combination of writing, directing, acting and all other production elements swiftly coming together.