A time traveler meets with a journalist in a hotel late one night under the guise of sharing his life story for an article.

Human kind has a strange fascination and obsession with time travel, and some proof come from the dozens of time travel movies and shorts that come out ever year. The beauty of it all is that time travel does not exist yet, nor is it understood, leaving directors and writers a vacant playground to explore their imaginations. Filmmaker James Cooper decided to explore time travel in his own way in ‘Interview With A Time Traveler’, leaving behind all gadgets and science fiction flares to focus on the more psychological values of traveling.

In the film a time traveler meets with a journalist under the guise of sharing his life story for an article. What the journalist doesn’t know, however, is that the traveler has ulterior motives for inviting him there that will change his life forever.

It had been a while since my prior short, and I was getting hungry to get behind the camera again. I knew putting two people in a room to talk would be logistically and financially viable, but it wasn’t until I landed on the time travel element that it all started to come together.

With the absence of time portals and ray guns, ‘Interview With a Time Traveler’ keeps us glued to the story with its deep and intriguing dialogues, along with a smoothened cinematography to dictate the spirit of the film. The actors held on tight to their roles, unifying the entire viewing experience, bringing us to the end of the film without being disapointed.