The past is a future worth saving.

Featuring Cailey Fleming (Young Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens) and Paul Petersen, this sci-fi short follows Dr. Theodore Maine in his quest to relive a memory with his mother that he deeply regrets. Ted’s personal endeavor is taking away from his work with Alzheimer’s patients at Janus Labs and his lab partner, Shea Rose, is getting fed up with his tardiness and lack of focus. That is, until, a mysterious visitor named Obee changes Ted’s life for good.

‘Memoir’ certainly takes on a feature-length structure, with some in-depth story and character development. Brought together by director Alexander Jeffery, the production values along with the strong performances from the lead cast brings the film to the highest standard levels.

Memoir is a short proof-of-concept for a feature film of the same title. With the short film, it was our goal to capture the tone and essence of the feature, without taking any scenes directly from the feature script.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Star Wars and loved the sense of adventure the original trilogy offered. With Memoir we wanted to try to capture some of that spirit as a proof-of-concept for our feature-length project of the same name. We wanted to leave people wanting more of the same world.