The epitome of awkwardness. Its the one situation we never want to find ourselves in – the messy ‘morning after the night before moment’ when all you want is hide from the world.

One Night Stand is the perfect example of a good movie made in a tight time constraint. Usually for school or what we are seeing more and more often these days, online mini-film festival competitions where you have to write, produce and edit a film in a short time span. For this film, the time constraint was for a university project.

For these type of projects, the main objective is to come up with a witty, easy story that people can relate to, or easily place themselves in the same situation. Jack Tew and Dave Humphreys had banded around several ideas before they came up with the idea of a ‘morning after the night before’ scenario.

We wanted to create a simple, light-hearted, but effective film that would entertain an audience.

Director Jack Tew

The duo effectively created a fun film filled with awkwardness from beginning to end, keeping us on our toes together with the main actress as she tries to tipsy-toe herself out of the room, while looking for her scattered clothing items and trying not to wake up her one night stander.

The film begins with a brilliant shot of the girl laying next to a naked guy on a tiny bed with her eyes wide open. To make things more uncomfortable, she is staring at a poster of a sexy posing girl stuck on the ceiling on top of her. The constant rotation of shots between the main actress and the poster tells us right away that she is bothered by it, and ultimately that she already regretted her night. As the film goes on they do a great job at making the uncomfortable even more uncomfortable, which keeps us repeating “how can this get any worse?”.

In a creative point of view, the lack of originality sets the film back a little, but there is all the required elements needed to become a viral video online. The title itself will make people click, simple and naughty, everyone wants to know what that one night stand was about. But something won’t get millions of views just by a title, once they press play the film quickly gets the viewer sunk into that awkward situation that gets us hooked and intrigued, but more importantly to actually have an enjoyable 5 minutes that will make us want to share this video to our friends.