Malajube || Luna – vidéoclip officiel

Now I know I’ve said I will not post music videos on Film Shortage, but this one has a few little exceptions. I stumbled upon this video a year ago while searching for norwegian electronic duo Röyksopp videos. At first I thought it was an official video for “You Don’t Have a Clue”, a song from Röyksopp‘s album “Junior”, but then I started noticing that things looked familiar in the video, the houses, the streets, followed by a familiar school front and confirmed by the interior pool. This was shot in my neighborhood and at my old high school École Polyvalente Henri-Bourassa in Montréal-Nord. After seeing this I had doubts this was an official Röyksopp video so I tried to get in touch with the director or anyone involved, but nothing from where I saw the video led me to them. But a feature on Film Shortage led me to a quick answer!

This is in fact the official video clip of Québec band Malajube for their song Luna. Which now makes much more sense. The video was produced by Dare To Care Records and directed by David Valiquette.

Before I knew it was a Malajube video clip, the reason why I decided to feature this video is not only because I knew for a fact that it was filmed in Québec, but also because it had strong visual value. This is the version of the video that I saw, and I must say fits in nicely with the lyrics and mood of the song, but we now have answers for the random clips at the end.

Both clips set different moods with the same visuals, which says how important a soundtrack can be, especially in short films.The video has a wonderful collective feel throughout, with a greyish hue that sets the mood for the depressive girl. The smooth camera movements keep us afloat into her state mind, also helped by the slowed down frame rate. The under water scene is just gorgeous, especially when the synchronized swimmers appear from the dark around her, it reminds me of scenes from The Chemical Brothers video clip “The Test“.