Short film created for the exquisitely hypnotic “Escape”, by Apparat

I know I am once again breaking our own rules by featuring a music video. But another rule of ours is that our rules can be broken for great exceptions. Escape has the exception of unbelievable-short film resembling photography combined to the fact it was created by previously featured director on Film Shortage Sebastian Lopez.

Sebastian directed the visually captivating short film The Killing Joke, which is one of my favorite shorts all-time, so be sure to take a few minutes to watch the short and its visual effects breakdown.

Escape is truly captivating, Sebastian explores his surroundings to perfection using depth and textures to express the sorrows of the song. It almost seems like a collage of lens and lighting test shots, but at the same time the fluidity of the visuals create the tone for an enticingly poetic video.

The video was shot was shot in a documentary style entirely with a Canon 7D, but the remarkable thing about it is that it was shot using only available light from its surroundings, giving the film an outmost natural feel. This proves that scouting your locations and environments can make such an impending difference on your film. Sure there was post-production color grading done to give the surroundings it’s intended feel, which was a great job done by Sabrina Mottino, but its none-the-less impressive how natural light can deepen textures and shadows. You can also see Sebastian Lopez’s visual effects talents on the making of his short film The Killing Joke, right here on Film Shortage.

the whole video idea really flowed from day one, as i really find the band’s sound really special.

The song Escape by Apparat is just as detailed as the video, actually Sebastian used the song’s depth in detail to inspire himself on the visuals, which he says flowed through right from day one.

when looking for visuals to go hand in hand with the song, i tried to focus on those same things the song portrays: a simple idea, with simple vignettes, but with those little warm details that could make the whole thing look special.

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