The morning after a drunken blackout brings with it confusion over choices made the night before.

The Stand is a minimalist short film written by Samuel E. Mac and directed by Francesco Giannini, crammed in a hotel room and shot over the span of 7 hours in one day.

Centered in the aftermath of a drunken one-night stand, a man uses his voice mail to get a grasp of his situation. Waking up in a hotel room with a hazy memory, missed calls on his phone and a stranger in the shower, he slowly pieces it all together.

Samuel left ends and dialogue open in the script to leave space for improvisation, to get the desired feel.

The script was loose, as was the dialogue, as we wanted to create an experimental, almost lucid feel. The dialogue that is ultimately exchanged between the two ‘strangers’ was very improvised.

– Samuel E. Mac

The film has a smooth feel that ties in with the drunken confusion of the main character, bringing the audience in on the morning discoveries.

We strived to create a minimalist short film, one that had a satisfying story arc and an interesting atmosphere for the viewer.