A “one-take” slasher film about a teenage girl who lures a masked killer by purposely committing horror movie sins.

Not the typical slasher film you’ve grown to get used to. Night of the Slasher has all the clichés you would expect from a slasher; the half-naked dancing, sex, alcohol, drugs and a masked murder, but in a twisted reinvented order. The one-take sequence is simply one of the most heart-throbbing sequences we’ve ever seen, where we are continuously trying to figure out if we are watching a parody or something real all while trying to keep up with the slashing. Of course this is a parody of some sort, but the end result is something so refreshing that even the clichés feel like something new.

I created the short film as a proof of concept for a feature film. I tried to make the feature film before making the short, but there was not faith from the film industry, then I tried to make the short film, but that also proved to be difficult to get off the ground and get a team that had faith in the project. Then the film got in to over 180 film festivals, won over 50 awards, became a Vimeo Staff Pick, and got OSCAR qualified, and publicity spread in over 5 million Facebook feeds. I was approached by an overwhelming amount of major productions companies, managers, and agencies for making the feature version.

The incredible choreography and timing was the film’s essence in which proved to be “one of the most stressful shoots I’ve ever directed” according to Shant Hamassian. The crew barely got all of their shots before time ran out, when their original plan of shooting with a RED Scarlett broke apart, when the camera literally fell and broke before the very first take. A back up RED Epic had to be used.