“It’s easy to forget how scary and lonely childhood can sometimes be”

We’ve long been waiting for this short from Nicholas Payne Santos, and after featuring his films Ice Cream, Kiddo and Mutt, we had no reason not to expect anything special with Worlds We Created.

Worlds We Created brings together stunning storytelling and vivid cinematography to thoughtfully depict the fantasies and stark truths of childhood from the perspective of a 12-year-old boy and his two friends in 1969. Rich in atmosphere and light on dialogue, Worlds We Created becomes more of an immersive experience than a film.

I tried to capture the moment in childhood when you stop living in your imagination so much, and when the harsh realities of life really kick in. For me, as a child, I was constantly imagining I was in other worlds, fighting zombies and dinosaurs or placing myself in a recent blockbuster film. So “Worlds We Created” was my attempt at recreating that feeling, while also trying to find when that feeling disappeared, although I think we all tend to live in our imaginations every once in awhile.

Nicholas once again aspires us to acknowledge the “in between” moments in a story which are ever so often ignored in movies, which he portrays so gracefully in Worlds We Created, a trademark of that he also brilliantly explores in most of his films, including Mutt and Things I Don’t Remember. Here he brings us all back to those childhood flash memories, which are filled with deep imaginations.

Worlds We Created is another film that was financed on Kickstarter, and has since then been accepted in over 25 film festivals worldwide and taking 3 awards.