Two people in an alternate universe experience their relationship deteriorating across decades when one of them wonders what’s beneath the surface

I SEE THROUGH YOU is a feminist sci-fi about two people’s relationship across decades in an alternate universe. It’s a highly visual, music-based film. Directed by emerging filmmaker Lael Rogers, who had just brought us ‘The Claw‘ a few weeks ago (a must see). I SEE THROUGH YOU brings a unique vision of a visual story told through the untold.

The short film was inspired by the song “I See Through You” by Moon Age. I had found composer Hunter Lea on Soundcloud, loved his music, and reached out when I found out he only lived a city away. We got in touch and not only did we had similar taste (movies from the 1970s, science fiction, etc.) but he also told me about his new music project that he and his wife Melinda Lea were embarking on called Moon Age. He sent me over a few tracks from the EP. And “I See Through You” felt like it held a whole world in its melody. We ended up using the song for the first half of the video. Then Hunter composed two new tracks after the production specifically for the film.

Beauty, gender dynamics, status, relationships – build an environment around them, and push them to their extremes

I grew up loving the old Twilight Zone, His Dark Materials, Isaac Asimov, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings — anything that could transport me to a fully fleshed out world. I think that genre is an amazing way to explore ideas and look at them in a more objective light. This film was a way for me to take different ideas/concepts. — Beauty, gender dynamics, status, relationships – build an environment around them, and push them to their extremes.

It was an ambitious project but luckily I have two amazing producers, Jonathan Caso and Megan Leonard, who totally championed the film from beginning to end. They were completely instrumental to figuring out how to take this script from imagination to reality on the big screen.

This is exactly what has drawn us to the film, the mystery and unknown. Lael created a mood and setting more than a story. The small and subtle hints that let us write our own conclusions however. Certainly guided by the mesmerizing soundtrack, much credit needs to be given to the design team and director of photography. A team who pulled off this glorious retro feel. I SEE THROUGH YOU was shot on the Alexa Mini With Vintage CineoVison Primes (Zeiss Base). According to Lael it was important to DoP Jonathan Houser that the picture held an analog feel with distinct personality. Plus, they wanted to put as much of the world as possible on screen.