Two lost souls whose love affair spans the history of mankind.

Epoch is an incredible journey through time presented with an exceptionally epic and emotional visual experience.

Ram and Luna, two ancient souls who exist throughout the history of civilization, experiencing the world through other peoples’ minds and bodies. Their union helps to create order in an otherwise chaotic world and inspire progress and change, however as god-like as they may be, they are still susceptible to the flaws of mankind.

The film was mainly shot in and around Los Angeles, however director John Robson included some incredible home videos from 13 countries from his travels around the world, including Longyearbyen, the northern-most town in the world, all the way to the far south of the Antarctic Penninsula.

A solid and epic storyline is needed to conveniently combine over a dozen country locations into once short film, where John said it started as a simple love story while brainstorming with fellow colleagues of Frame Society, an LA-based community of film makers who meet twice a month as an outlet for creating short films. :

I started with a love story that was incredibly simple and pure at its core and built around it, challenging myself to make it feel as big and epic as possible without breaking the bank, dictating and echoing the emotions of the two characters throughout crucial moments in human history and a collection of exotic locations.

Above all the beautiful scenery captured around the world, John focused his film mainly on visual effects, giving a more surreal comic book feel that grabs inspirations from films like 300.

I also relied heavily on my background in vfx both to create surreal imagery and to help cut budgetary corners, including sky replacement, particle fx, projection mapping, and shooting underwater green screen for the flying scenes.

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