Taylor and Brennan get along just fine despite relying on their unconventional relationship to fulfill their addictions.

Shot is a short but striking film which utilizes soft colors and contrasts in a harsh environment. The film was created mostly by students for the 48 Hour Film Project in the Inland Empire.

The theme ‘Buddy Film’ was drawn out of a hat for the contest and also required to incorporate an assigned prop: Tape, line of dialogue: ‘What’s in it for me?’, and character: Josh Accrodo ‘The Barrista’ into our film.

The goal of this short film was to change the perceptions of what people would consider a “Buddy Film” to be.

– Director Kirk Cohen

A perception that leaves you puzzled at first with an unconventional connection between the two protagonists, but then hooks you between buzzing beauty and the ideal life imaginations. With such a short timeline, director Kirk Cohen and his team manage to capture the audience with a simple and effective ‘high’ breeze feel throughout the film, which carries the unusual relationship to the end.

Kirk leaves us with a shocking and scary feel of the addict’s life and dependencies, where the ideal life is often skewed by the highs.