“Simply Play Cricket” is a short film about an adult who struggles to step out of his comfort zone to achieve his unrealized dream of playing cricket.

Simply Play Cricket

The seed of the idea for “Simply Play Cricket” originally came from my own life. I have put away many of my interests ever since I got into an 8hr desk job. This constantly worried me. I kept blaming my responsibilities and priorities for not being able to pursue them. But, these were inhibitions that I built in my head. Deep in my heart, I knew that I can push myself to do things that makes me happy. I am not alone and I have seen this struggle with many others. As a film maker, I felt I should tell this point to the world through my film. I choose sports as a medium because it is a very common interest that everyone can relate to. Why Cricket? because it is the game that I grew up playing & watching. Cricket is a very less known sport in America. Living here, it is also an opportunity for me to bring some light on this game.

The target audience of this film are those who are busy in their lives. Many of them will be watching this film on their smart phones on the go. For the very reason, I wanted this film to be short, concise and simple. I took the route of telling the story visually, so that the film can be watched muted.

To be honest, I wrote this film for my own interest, which would also serve as my reel. My wife (Executive producer Subha Kailas) recognized the power of the message and came up with this brilliant idea of collaborating with a non-profit Cricket club in Omaha. Coincidentally, the club shares the same philosophy as the film, which is to encourage people to take some time out and play the sport.