In the near future, a man enters a coffee shop. He asks for his usual: a private booth hidden from everyone’s sight. He waits anxiously for someone… but what is really happening here? An unsettling science-fiction tale about augmented reality.

Director’s Notes

The germ of the idea for the short film was: What would my own Black Mirror episode look like?

From that starting point , I wanted to make a short film that explored the escalating relationship we have with technology.


I focused on a human behaviour we have when relationships ends (either by romantic breakup, falling out or death). At the end of a relationship the person is gone, but the connection lives on with the memories we create together like pictures, letters, text messages or emails. We still hold on to these things and in some ways it can be detrimental to us because we fail to move on.

So what if we lived in a world where we could comfort our sense of loss? Not just rewatching old pictures, but reliving our old memories? A world where people could avoid dealing with loss by reliving the best highlight of our relationships.

Choosing to live in a manufactured reality and slowly disconnecting from the real one.