Three friends leave on a road trip to see if they still belong together

Director’s Statement

The last four years I have been walking around with a vision of making a short film capturing the feeling of living in the present, spending time with friends. This vision soon became a project which evolved from a pointless film about love, that I wrote the summer before high school begun, to three years later after my graduation becoming something much bigger.

During high school I realised that insecurity is something that exists within all of us. The insecurity to make difficult decisions about who we want to be and how we want to live in a world where everyone is pushing one another to become something. ‘ Who am I and where do I picture myself in the future?’ I know a lot of adolescents ask themselves this question, including myself, and it made me see my film from another point of view. I thought about what would happen if an adolescent who choose to move away from his/her friends had regrets and wanted to go back to understand if he/she really made the right decision. This resulted in ‘We belong together’. A short film about one person’s quest to understand himself, his choices, and finding the right path.

For me there has always been just one way to carry this film through. In an honest and genuine way together with friends. I wanted our shoot to be an amazing, extraordinary journey were we could create new memories together. I brought together some of my best friends during three days to shoot ‘We belong together’. Those three days became a journey that created a whole new group of friends.