The story follows Tony, an aspiring entrepreneur who is struggling to pitch his idea. When he gives up and realises that he is a failure, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity presents itself for him. This involves an urgent meeting with an important investor.

Shortly after, he receives a phone call from his sister that her mother is terminally ill and on the verge of dying. Tony is forced to make a choice. Shall he stay with his mother for what is most likely the last minutes of her life, or shall he pursue the urgent opportunity which is verging on failing if he does not act right away?

Director’s Statement

Making a movie is bloomin’ hard. I don’t mean actually shooting it, although that’s bloomin’ hard too. I’m talking about actually deciding, and subsequently going on to make a movie. Frustratingly, it’s something I struggle with as a director and no doubt something I’m going to have to get better at if I want to get anywhere in this industry. The making of ‘A Cry For Our Future’ really hit home to me how simple it can be.

This film was put together via a social media group called ‘Making Films’ as part of their ‘February Challenge’ in which a movie gets made, from scratch and with zero budget over February – from conception to delivery. Now, I wish I could take more credit for our success here, but I have to place that entirely in the hands of Sindre Kayman, the writer and producer. With extraordinary patience, tenacity and perseverance Sindre assembled an excellent team, and brought me on as director. I wish I could say it was touch and go, or ‘against all odds’ but it was a dream; a real testament to the power of urgency and self-motivation.

In light of all of the above, I’m thrilled to present this film and so thankful to Sindre making it happen and including me in it. We were all so pleased with the end product, but it was the process that has really inspired me. Making movies is bloomin’ hard, but that shouldn’t stop anyone.