A deepfake love story. A couple wear smart contact lenses to live out their fantasy and see their celebrity crush in place of their partner. The story uses innovative deepfake technology to comment on our increasingly image-obsessed society and distorted digital identities. A narrative music video for UK artist Issermann, co-starring French ballerina Victoria Dauberville.

Deepfakes are getting closer to the mainstream with ‘face swap’ apps and increasingly sophisticated social media filters. The film uses this technology to question and explore the implications of our digital personalities and relationships.

Director’s sStatement

The concept is intended to be provocative, and question the implications of our increasingly synthetic world, and fragile perceptions of self-identity. We’re already seeing deepfakes getting closer to the general public, with ‘face swap’ apps and increasingly sophisticated social media filters. In the film, we’re imagining a dystopic, Black Mirror-esque near-future application of this technology, where the user can deepfake another in real-time, as easy as an instagram filter. We felt the idea was a visually interesting way to explore the themes of the song, which focuses on insecurity and self-worth in a brutally honest and real way.