A traditional Italian pizzaiolo receives a deeply upsetting order.

In a quaint pizzeria somewhere outside of Italy, a longing-for-home Neapolitan pizzaiolo is confronted by an order that defies every pizza tradition he holds dear. He accepts his fate and comes to terms with what he must do.

Director’s Vision for ‘Pagliacci’

Our story is inspired by the “Vesti la giubba” aria of the famous opera “Pagliacci”. The original story is about a clown, Canio, who learns that his girlfriend is cheating on him. Completely heartbroken, Canio must still perform. From that perspective, we saw an opportunity to express a humorous twist on that same pain through a traditional pizzaiolo receiving an offensive order, telling a story that we can all tap into emotionally.

As directors, we were immediately drawn to this concept in a personal way. Both of us live in Madrid but were born elsewhere, and we have different cultures and dearly-held family traditions that make us who we are. However, it’s not always easy to keep those parts of ourselves present and active in our lives.

Everyone at some point has had to put their thoughts, beliefs, cultures, or feelings aside to go on, to work, to survive, and to perform, and the very real pain that process causes is even amplified in the world we live in today. The beauty behind this story is seeing the result of expressing that pain. By not suppressing his feelings and instead letting his true emotions come out, the pizzaiolo puts on a heartbreaking show that moves an unexpected audience.