“Feelings of Invisibility” is an award winning short film that unveils the remarkable journey of artist Anne K. Abbott. Born with severe Cerebral Palsy, her speech card and index finger become tools of defiance, challenging societal misconceptions about disability. This intimate portrait delves into themes of sexuality, disability, creative expression, activism, love, loss, and grief, offering a rare glimpse into a life unseen by most. Prepare for an unexpected and transformative visual experience that breaks barriers and shakes loose the limitations we unknowingly impose on others.

Director’s Vision for ‘Feelings of Invisibility’

I first saw Anne selling her artwork at a market. As a female artist raised by a painter, I couldn’t help but be in awe with her work and curious about how she was able to paint despite her very visible disability. The fact that she was non-verbal and I was extremely limited in my experience communicating with people with disabilities, kept me from approaching her for months. When I finally worked up the courage to speak to her, I realized my hesitations were all unfounded. Anne’s personality was larger than life and we hit it off right away.

My aim is to surprise some into realizing they harbor limiting assumptions about what living a life with a disability looks like. The story is meant to encourage the viewers to be brave enough to deconstruct the parts of themselves that allow a disability to define a person and be bold enough to discuss it. Can you believe she regularly visits strip clubs? Did her doctor really approve of her pregnancy? All of these conversations remind us to never judge a book by its cover.