A lifelong love story including all of its ups and downs.

Director’s Vision

Everyone gets excited when starting something new; a new project, a new job, a new hobby – or a new relationship. When I first heard ‘The End’ I was going through a very difficult and painful time in my life including losing someone who was very close to me, so I really connected to the song and the lyrics on a deeper level. Instead of telling a typical story of ‘boy meets girl’ and them falling in love and being happily ever after, I wanted to explore the uncomfortable truth of having to deal with loss and grief and its effect on a relationship. Going through the full range of emotions from your happiest days to your most painful ones can be overwhelming and really get you close to wanting to give up. But it’s the sunshine after the rain, the hope after you fail, the great moments but also the bitter-sweet memories all at once that keep you going and make life worth living to the fullest.