Alvin Cruz, a lonely remote network engineer, finds solace in video games and binge eating. After suffering a heart attack, he wakes to find himself held captive in a suspicious medical facility. There, unflappable nurse Kathy and charismatic Dr. Miller force Alvin to comply with treatment for his addiction. Despite his protests, Alvin must overcome internal anguish and sad truths.

Director’s Vision

The character of Alvin is a representation of who I am, what I’ve endured, and what happens when you fall victim to addictive behaviors. It’s about an unlucky person in a disadvantaged situation. It is the story of someone who is ultimately hurting in life, who wants to live, but must overcome their personal demons against forms of inhumanity.

Alvin has vices, but he’s not trying to infringe upon someone else’s life as he goes about his day. Despite his wants, others take advantage of him whether they’re fulfilling job duties, exhibiting insecurities, or even acting on immoral principles.

It’s complex and a bit philosophical. Where’s the line? At what point do external parties get a say about your life, about your freedom to choose?

I truly think that Alvin hits on several psychological, sociological, and political topics. My hope is that the film resonates with others who are also struggling with similar situations. It’s a look at not only what exists, but what could be.