Lili is nothing like her family: the sister is pathetic and the mother thinks her crazy. She will meet The Martian, a misfit teen. Together, they form a bond hatched from their imaginary worlds.

Director’s Vision for ‘Ange & Ovni (Angel & Alien)’

Angel & Alien is the meeting of two young people who decided that their story would be the one they chose to invent. Reality only had to be more interesting! She is an angel, and he is an alien.

Although many films deal with tormented and rebellious teenagers, I wanted to focus on the greatness of their imagination. What if we let their creativity speak as an answer to their frustrations? I thus created larger-than-life characters, endowed with an unlimited imagination and a strength of character that allows them to invent a life that they shape according to their needs. In reaction to their wounds, Lili and “The Martian” have invented their own story, their own life, and they meet in their assumed rejection of reality.