The world of easy-going teenager Roger Burns flips upside-down after he’s seduced into a late-night swim with his girlfriend and contracts a rare, endangered parasite.

All Roger wants to do is get back to adolescent frivolities and basketball, but everyone from his parents, to his doctors, to animal rights groups, have their own opinions about what he needs to do with his life.

“Endangered” is a reproductive-rights allegory disguised as dark, sci-fi-comedy short featuring performances from Cheri Oteri (Saturday Night Live) and Camryn Manheim (The Practice) along with a captivating performance from lead actor Walker Borba.

Director’s Vision for ‘Endangered’

With “Endangered,” I wanted to make a dark comedy film that audiences could enjoy as either a harrowing tale of a boy (and his insect) vs. society, or, for those looking for a deep read, as an allegorical comment on women’s rights. Of course, since the Supreme Court’s repeal of Roe v. Wade in the United States, you might have a difficult time viewing this as anything but a commentary on the ever-steeper uphill climb that is the right to bodily autonomy in this country.

This film wouldn’t have been possible without the dream team of my wife Lindsay and our friend, industry veteran Harry Victor producing. Thanks to them, the pains of casting, contracting, scouting, permitting, and, of course, SAG-AFTRA-ing have faded, and our film is a testament to all the work of everyone who dedicated their time, love, and scrutiny to allow it to come into the world. Our dreams for our little bundle of celluloid? At best, we hope it shifts some perspectives, and at worst, we hope it makes you laugh!