Alien Death Fuck is a bonkers sci-fi horror comedy revolving around a strange encounter between a rockabilly and a body snatching alien.

Director Thomas Lunde has teamed up once again with special-effects supervisor Steinar “Effektmakeren” Kaarstein (Dead Snow 1 & 2, ABCs of Death). The pair had previously worked together on Lunde’s short film A(r)men.

The short film is the first part be released from the mixed-media project titled They Came. They Came is a mixed-media project based on an utterly insane idea by creator Martin Ødegaarden.

We’ve also created an interactive version of the short film in collaboration with The Research Council of Norway and professor Andrew Perkis at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Director’s Statement

Creativity is my drug and I simply love satire. I’ll play around with gender roles, stereotypes and clichés. I’ll strive to be uncompromising and boundless with my use of comedy. I believe in creative freedom and an open mind. Because under the right circumstances I know that creativity can have a life of its own. And this is pretty much what They Came boils down to with my partner in crime Martin Ødegaarden.

There is of course also room for a good dose of hard-hitting one-liners and it’s going to be a fun, scary and exciting entertainment blasted with mind-bending eye-candy! All in all, a fantastic cinematic journey filled with excitement, terror and laughter.

I believe in creative freedom and this project is in many ways a tribute to all does crazy sci-fi-horror-comedies from the 60s, 70s and the 80s. Equal parts original and nostalgic homage. They Came is absolutely a throwback, borrowing shamelessly from the crowned masters of horror and sci-fi from the 70s and 80s. I want to take inspiration from the past in order to create something modern and original.

They Came is a hybrid between film, series and a game that combine both linear and non-linear storytelling components. It’s an innovative entertainment concept that challenges the way we use technology and the different media platforms. Which in this context means that entertainment continues digitally – beyond the linear storytelling. As a director I love the fact that we’re pushing new digital frontiers and exploring new ways to immerse our audience in the They Came experience.

The Project received funding from the Norwegian Film Institute late 2019. And we’re now working with Espen Aukan as a screenwriter and Joachim Nilsen as a producer regarding innovation and interactivity.