An adopted introvert aims to find his biological parents to feel a sense of belonging, but after taking a genealogy test he discovers he may not belong to the human race.

Director’s Vision for ‘Above The Branches’

I am ecstatic to finally share ABOVE THE BRANCHES with audiences after a rollercoaster of a journey to bring it to life. We initially set out to make a film about diverse characters that typically aren’t in genre films such as Sci-Fi to more accurately depict the world we live in. Then, my adopted friends experiences, my introvert brother, and the genealogy test craze inspired the idea for the film, but it evolved into more of a personal film for me. I shot the film with my friends and family as the crew in my hometown just days before I moved across the country with my girlfriend to pursue a career in filmmaking. We moved just before the pandemic hit and we felt very lost trying to get on our feet without our family being close by. However, this film felt like a piece of home as it reminded me of all the support I had in creating it. At its core, ABOVE THE BRANCHES is about belonging. Having a sense of belonging is a difficult thing to navigate and just like Anthony in the film, my now wife and I will navigate it together. I hope you enjoy the film.