In every project, I always try to convey feelings and build a story on it. This one is based on my personal experiences, as well as the feelings of millions of Ukrainians that they have faced every day since 02.24.2022

This is how their life looks like now. Those who were forced to leave their homes, separated from their loved ones, and get lost in unfamiliar places where they had to relocate. No matter who has what story, we all plunge deep into the darkness of modern reality and personal feelings, apathy and depression. No matter how dark the situation is, there is always a light that can get into the depths of the soul and set on fire the life again.

There is always a way out of darkness and it’s essential to let the light into your heart.

This video is a social campaign about a free psychological helpline for Ukrainians all over the world who were affected by the war in Ukraine. The helpline is an initiative implemented by the National Psychological Association with the assistance of the United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine with financial support from the European Union and to governments of Denmark and Canada.