One of Our Satellites // Daily Short Picks

One of Our Satellites

A burned-out caricature artist seeks to find meaning outside of her Earthly, mundane existence. Director’s Statement This film was co-written and co-directed by Desireé Moore and Joseph Boyle. From Desireé: How did we get here? The answer can be so big, and so small. But I am here, in this[…]

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Favorite Documentary 2018

Our Favorite Documentary Short Picks of 2018

Following our Favorite Drama Daily Short Picks from 2018, we’ve gathered the best of Documentary Short Films from our 2018 list. In our documentary selections we look for intriguing stories, but more particularly on how these stories are told. Still/Life by Josh Hayward Watch Film Shadows of Greatness by Josh[…]

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Bleeding Art // Daily Short Picks

Bleeding Art

Have you ever felt like it’s not working? Like it’s not turning out how you thought it would? Have you ever lost your dog? Join painter & illustrator Daniel Crossan on his journey down the creative process. All the way down. Told in three parts, Bleeding Art is a dark[…]

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The Holloway Picture // Daily Short Picks

The Holloway Picture

In a future where movies are made by A.I., one woman seeks to disrupt the system of simulations and resurrect the role of the artist.

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C1 // Daily Short Picks


When a young artist looses her artistic motivation, she searches high and low for anything that will inspire her again.

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The Prince // Daily Short Picks

The Prince

Olivia (a tap-dancer) and her uncle, Amir (an actor) are violently confronted with what it means to be Middle-Eastern/American and artists in today’s racially divided world. The Prince is the directorial debut of actor/director Kyra Zagorsky and is based on real events she experienced while with her multi-racial family. Director’s[…]

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Ways To Look At The Moon // Short Film Trailer

Ways to Look at The Moon

An artist attempts to reconnect in her relationship with an astronomer through her work, but ends up lost in a universe of her own making.

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Synesthesia // Short Film Trailer


A young, aspiring painter goes through creativity crisis which makes him try out extreme experiments to renew his relationship with art.

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The Subject // Short Film Trailer

The Subject

An uneasy journey of love, ambition and control, THE SUBJECT charts a young artist’s struggle to create the perfect piece of portraiture. Choosing her partner as her muse, Sally learns the hard way that personal sacrifice can inspire great art. The more her relationship fractures, the closer she comes to[…]

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More of The Same Tomorrow // Daily Short Picks

More of the Same Tomorrow

“More of the Same Tomorrow” is an independent, self-funded, straight from the heart exercise in filmmaking, spearheaded by English filmmaker Ben Lankester and Swedish artist David Hedberg. Director’s Statement Attempting to bridge the gap between music video and short film, our aim was to tell a single story that would[…]

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