A former movie star has a hard time adjusting to life after fame. Somewhat anxious, yet determined, she meets with her hired killer to cancel the contract.

The simpler settings will often tell a much bigger story than the full blown explosive productions. ‘Death by Chocolate’ is by no means a simple production, but with a contained setting the guys from REZ managed to tell us an addictive and compelling story of a former movie star who has a hard time adjusting to life after fame and meets her hired killer to cancel the contract.

The birth of Death by Chocolate came with this idea: A challenge. Doing a simple and engaging story between two characters in one location. But for us it was important to keep high visual standards and not compromising the final quality. It’s classic, but we are movie geeks and we wanted to convey our passion in this film.

We love films that are driven by strong dialogues, but Dimitri Gochgarian and Robin Veret found all the means possible to drive the film forward and make it convincing as it is, and evident passion is definitely one of them with the focus on details like makeup, costume and set design. The film’s crew and designers deserve much of the credit for it, but such a visual setting cannot be created without Dimitri & Robin’s artistic vision.

To keep the viewers engaged we also tried to create a story that is always evolving. To achieve that It was important to have strong characters that has a visual impact and not only with their dialogs. With the greatest modesty, we wanted to bring a Cohen Brothers touch to our characters and story. Something modern but also timeless.

The film was all knotted together by the warm performance by actors Julian Casey & Tara Nicodemo which firmly believed in their roles to drive the authenticity of their particular characters and situation.

Behind The Scenes