Flight Patterns

Flight Patterns is a film about wanderlust, memory, and the things you leave behind when you leave paradise. bradleytangonan.com

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Commencement // Daily Short Picks


On the night of their high school graduation, a young couple drifts through their quiet suburban town while processing the weight of the day. A soundtrack by James Iha, with Karen O & Nick Zinner of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, provides an atmospheric score to the couple’s journey.

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Fortune Faded | Featured Short Film

Fortune Faded

A fateful concatenation, that ends in fire and ashes. A journey through suspended moments, perhaps it sounds like something you’ve seen before. But when done right, the experience can be a new exhilarating one, and this is exactly what Alexander Heringer did with ‘Fortune Faded’. “FF” was my first Film[…]

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Myrtille is perfect. She’s all he ever dreamed of. He could even die for her… Their surrealistic passion starts on cloud nine and will finish six feet under. But in the end, love always steps up and gives itself a new chance. myrtille-lefilm.com facebook.com/MyrtilleLeFilm

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Do You Believe in the Devil? | Featured Short Film

Do You Believe In The Devil?

On the floor of a bar bathroom, a man on his deathbed is met by Danny Pickler: a former classmate of his .. who died twenty-six years ago. This devilish film came from filmmaker Alex Grybauskas in his attempt to getting back into narrative filmmaking after spending 7 years working[…]

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After The Rain | Featured Short Film

After The Rain

Sometimes the rain makes you see things that aren’t really there Right before creating Film Shortage we made a short film called After The Rain, which in fact, was the inspiration behind Film Shortage. You can read more about how the film inspired us to create a new short film[…]

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Fort Apache | Featured Short Film

Fort Apache

On the eve of his eleventh birthday he must choose between leaving home or following his brother down a path of violence and destruction in this coming of age story Based on the Award Winning Story, ‘Fort Apache’ follows a precocious young boy as he struggles to escape small town[…]

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Call(ed) Higher

Struggles with the tension of letting go of ones assumptions and being called to higher thoughts and ways. chrisneal.tv twitter.com/chrisaneal christopherneal.tumblr.com

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The Changeling Julia and Tom are bullied in school. They try to stand up for each other, but have it difficult to meet as friends because of the circumstance. Comes there a time when it’s too late for trying?

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What do we do when the thing we desire most is also the thing furthest from our grasp? How do we accept what we cannot change, and move past mistakes that can’t be unmade? Shot on location in Vietnam and across South East Asia, ‘Afterglow’ is a film about love,[…]

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