8328 is about an unexpected encounter between young Hugo and Raymond, to whom life has given few gifts… except a few wooden carvings.

8328, c’est une rencontre entre le petit Hugo et le grand Raymond, à qui la vie ne fait pas de cadeaux. À part des petites sculptures en bois.

From visionary French-Canadian director Marc-André Girard who brought us memorable and touching short 12 Weeks, the film takes on a similar emotional tone where we focus on two characters and their unexpected encounter. 8328 is a simple film on a cinematic level, but manages to sink deep in our thoughts with a few subtle turn of events. Yet charming and alarming, the story relies heavily on its character and counter-reactive connections to build up the story to its heightened emotional senses. Amazing what can come out of a simple door bell ring answered by a boy dressed in a Spider-Man costume.

The project comes from a script challenge for a contest: write a short film with 2 characters. An old man and a child. The requested duration was about 3 minutes. So I proposed this story and I won the contest.