Shadows of Greatness follows pro boxer Sena Agbeko, Ghana’s former middleweight boxing champion. With a record of 60-9, he moved to the US to take his career to the next level, but has yet to make his mainstream debut. In the middle of a career gap and an immigrant with an entertainment visa, Sena lives in near isolation fighting every day to maintain his passion and commitment for his dream of becoming world champion.

Director’s Statement

I wanted to make a film showing what the journey for achievement and success is really like. We’re used to seeing the story of someone who’s on the other side of it, who’s made it, but this film explores the more personal struggles in the middle of it. Early on I wanted to challenge my own perceptions of immediacy and success, but ultimately I realized this is really a film for anyone who has the courage to run after what they love, and who chooses to get up and fight their own daily battles. To me it’s about a man who’s at the beginning of greatness, not the end, and a call to tap into our own.