Jane finds a unique way to deal with the grip of domestic Male oppression… tuffyak.co.uk twitter/tuffyak facebook.com/tuffyak

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The Wreck

The Wreck is a drama about a couple’s attempt to escape from a world that forces them to choose between life and existence. thewreckfilm.com facebook.com/TheWreckFilm twitter.com/TheWreckFilm

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Road to Ningbo

Road to Ningbo (宁波之路) follows the journey of Chang Hui, an adventurous young boy with an obsession with the Giant Panda. Unsatisfied with village life, Chang Hui longs to visit the zoo in the city of Ningbo. Having been already abandoned by her husband and Chang Hui’s father, Mei Sun[…]

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In October of 1979, a man discovers a mysterious phenomenon in the woods. AnthonyAguiar.com

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Still Falls The Rain | Featured Short Film

Still Falls The Rain

In the gritty streets of wartime 1940s London, Stanley, a homeless boy, is caught stealing food from a bombed house – at a time when looting could warrant the death penalty. Still Falls The Rain is a gripping visual short film produced by visual effects artist Miguel Santana as a[…]

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A man stays behind in a quarantined city, living with the guilt of a mistake he made long ago. twitter.com/that1filmmaker

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The First Wave | Featured Short Film

The First Wave

The cure is just the beginning We’ve probably seen every type of zombie apocalypse film possible, but every once in a while we get a film that joyously surprises us. The First Wave did just that, with an intriguing, suspenseful and terrifying storyline, following the outbreak of an aggressive virus,[…]

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Real Talk

An award winning short film about what it is like to be an Asian American. Pax and Iggy are best friends, but their bond is broken when Pax discovers where Iggy’s loyalties truly lie.

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Happy Thoughts

Evoking the ghosts of a classic tale, a pair of adversaries are brought back together in the wake of a disaster. ‘Happy Thoughts’ is a raw and experimental reimagining of J.M. Barrie’s ‘Peter Pan’. littlecricketfilms.com facebook.com/happythoughtsfilm

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Through The Valley – trailer 2

The story follows a Special Forces soldier and a young civilian girl who form a life changing bond during their time together in a safe house, while the United States is being invaded. See the first trailer on Film Shortage. facebook.com/throughthevalleyshortfilm twitter.com/kourtyardfilms kourtyard.weebly.com

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