Where are the quality shorts?

Vimeo Vs YouTube Submission Analysis

In support of our YouTube Vs Vimeo article, we have decided to draw out our own stats after 2 years of collecting thousands of short film submissions. What we noticed was pretty interesting. Equal Submissions After thousands of submissions, the amount of shorts received from YouTube & Vimeo were fairly[…]

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Introducing Premium Submissions

Introducing the Instant, Premium Submission

Film Shortage has been constantly growing since it’s launch in July 2012, and so have the number of submissions. Over time great short films have been accumulating in our backlog, causing waiting times to long over several months. Unable to respond to each submission, the submitters were often left in[…]

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A Merry Short Christmas

A Merry Short Christmas!

We love themed short films, and Christmas is another special time where we gather together and watch our favorite valued short films! Today and and tomorrow we will post Christmas and Holiday themed films that YOU will send us to this page! Send us anything Holiday spirited that you, your[…]

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What Type Of Short Films Do We Prefer?

What Do We Like After several weeks since the launch, and almost a month since we started accepting shorts, we are already starting to see patterns in the submitted films. Today we would like to take the time to tell our viewers and submitters what type of short films we[…]

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Welcome To Film Shortage

A website designed and curated for short film enthusiasts and filmmakers. Where Did FilmShortage Come From? I spent the last year and a half working on a short film ‘After The Rain‘. After so much work and delays upon delays we finally released the short on April 15th. After much[…]

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