My Bad // Short Film Trailer

My Bad

An officer attempts to isolate himself since the shooting death of a black teenager until he is confronted by his partner with questions for the truth.

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P.A.V.E. Carla's Story // Daily Short Picks

P.A.V.E. – Carla’s Story

Carla Westlund is shattering the silence as she recounts the night she was kidnapped and raped by a fake Uber driver and her courageous path she traveled toward hope, healing, and happiness with Promoting Awareness | Victim Empowerment (PAVE) by her side. Carla’s story made national headlines as the perpetrator[…]

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29 Gold Stars // Daily Short Picks

29 Gold Stars

29 Gold Stars is a female revenge tale about a deceitful love triangle, that ultimately delivers justice for those that deserve it. Director’s Statement The story spans several weeks, but the film is shot entirely in one take, with no trick edits. To show time passing, we made changes to[…]

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Time and Again // Daily Short Picks

Time And Again

A child genius enlists his best friend to build a time machine in a foolhardy attempt to escape his distant father and connect with the mother he never knew.

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Dark spectre 2 // Daily Short Picks

Dark Specter 2

He’s mean. He’s angry. He’s hell-bent on global destruction. If only he can get his mom home in time for dinner and Jeopardy, all will go as planned. Ah the challenges of balancing your dreams with real world responsibilities. Such is the story of supervillain, Dark Specter. In the first[…]

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The Short Awakens: The Best Star Wars Fan Films

The Short Awakens: The Best Star Wars Fan Films

Note: This post was originally published in December 2015 and has been revised and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. With all the hype from The Force Awakens, and after re-watching the first 6 original episodes a couple of times, we have decided to dig up some of the best Star[…]

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Pulsar // Featured Short


A Peacemaker, who rejects his final mission to save an endangered planet, is believed to be cursed when a solar storm hits his spaceship Pulsar is a Sci-Fi rendition of the biblical story of Jonah. The film does however hold its own grounds as a fictional realm as the focus[…]

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Sergey's Fortune // Daily Short Pick

Sergey’s Fortune

A hitman. A broken car. A botched job… And it’s all about to be vlogged! A hitman for the Ukrainian mafia gets in trouble with the boss after his mission is compromised by a pair of obnoxious YouTube stars. Director’s Statement “Sergey’s Fortune” was a formidable beast to tackle and[…]

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Elapsed // Daily Short Picks


A planet sized asteroid is scheduled to collide with the earth, wiping out every living thing…..10 years from now. How do you live your life differently? We follow one girl and with her experience how she dealt with her limited time left alive.

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A Dog in The Mud // Daily Short Pick

A Dog in the Mud (Santa Fe Short Film)

The film serves as a trailer for the indie artist Lostboycrow & his debut full length album, Santa Fe. Director’s Statement With Chris (Lostboycrow), his work evokes a feeling. Try closing your eyes and listen to his music with an open mind. The sounds make your mind wander into a[…]

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