Ghost in My House // Short Film Trailer

Ghost in My House

A story about demon, called Kasdeya, which hundreds of years ago was locked by the priest Torah, in a special crafted music box for her. Alex is a 33 years old female, non-believer in god with an alternative view on life and nowadays while hurrying for work she sees the[…]

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The Essay From Hell // Daily Short Picks

The Essay From Hell

Despite being asked by the girl of his dreams – conscientious high school student, Rob, declines a trip up to an abandoned cabin in the woods with his 4 friends. They leave him to go and party while he finishes his essay…an essay from hell. From the pages of his[…]

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Dust Nuggets // Crowdfunding Picks

Dust Nuggets

KK Colson is the band manager for the Dust Nuggets. Currently she’s in a coma from a drug overdose and reliving the rise of her band. Things are a little strange, but that’s because you’re in the middle of someone’s coma.

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Blackwood // Featured Short


A sound recordist picks up a strange sound whilst filming on location in a forest. After a disturbing encounter, she wakes up alone, confused and filthy in her house Turn up your speakers or better yet plug up your headphones. Blackwood is a short that emphasizes on sound design to[…]

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Below The Trees // Daily Short Picks

Below the Trees

In this prelude to a feature-length film, a young woman inherits her grandmother’s rural estate but soon meets an unsettling neighbor with malevolent intentions.

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Pay Pig // Featured Short

Pay Pig

Bodybuilder Blane navigates a unique online relationship with his dominatrix, Lexi. He “gets off” purely on giving her money and gifts. No sex, just self-inflicted bankruptcy. With this group of filmmakers that keep bringing us these fantastic shorts (think ‘Sundays‘ & ‘F*ck Bunny‘), it’s no surprise we were excited to[…]

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Abandoned in The Dark // Short Film Trailer

Abandoned in the Dark

“Abandoned in the Dark” is a four-story horror/thriller/suspense anthology film based on the book of the same name by David Boyle. “The Core”: Tender-hearted Karl Stevens has an ordinary day of work ahead of him—or so he believes. Following a routine meeting with his domineering boss, Karl discovers that a[…]

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A Time to Remember // Daily Short Picks

A Time to Remember

Harry prepares to take his girlfriend Liz on an amazing trip of a life time, one that she will never forget. Director’s Statement I wanted to do a short film in the vein of a fun romantic comedy much like the princess bride. I also wanted to implement a lot[…]

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Last One Screaming // Featured Short

Last One Screaming

After surviving a horrific weekend at a remote cabin in the woods where all of her friends were brutally murdered, Ashley finds herself in handcuffs. What happens to the Final Girl after a horror movie ends? After surviving a horrific weekend at a remote cabin in the woods where all[…]

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Conviction - An Anthem Story by Neill Blomkamp

Conviction – An Anthem Story

From Neill Blomkamp, Oats Studios and BioWare comes a live-action story of survival set in the world of Anthem, decades before the events of the game. For more info visit

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