This Is Battlefield // Daily Short Picks

This Is Battlefield

Battlefield is known for massive moments of scale. Destruction, online operations, and war stories. The trailers are meticulously crafted – from cinematics to online gameplay where every player is an actor that is being directed to do a specific action. But what would it be like if you didn’t coordinate[…]

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The Search for Amy Ning // Daily Short Picks

The Search for Amy Ning

A detective suffering an existential crisis searches for Amy Ning Director’s Notes It’s fundamentally about loss and how we try to reconcile such a vague and mysterious concept. The whole piece has a lot of word play to help follow the philosophical path and each character the hero encounters is[…]

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Virtaus // Short Film Trailer


A young woman, Iris, finds herself in a foreign city all alone, haunted by her past. She wanders the empty streets, until she meets a young man, Niko, who tries to dig deeper into her bleak past. VIRTAUS is a Finnish short film made by a passionate team of young[…]

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Star Wars : The Toys Awaken // Short Trailer

Star Wars: The Toys Awaken

On the opening night of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a seven-year-old girl’s Star Wars toys come to life. They learn who they are and set off on an adventure to help their young companion as she heads out to watch The Force Awakens.

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Guardsman // Featured Short


After falling through the collapsed ceiling of an abandoned Imperial guard training facility, Guardsman Raines wakes to find himself alone and separated from his squad deep in heart of enemy territory. A video game cinematic designer at EA Montreal, Richard Boylan is also the maker of the Warhammer 40K-inspired Helsearch[…]

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Six Minutes // Daily Short Picks

Six Minutes

What would you do with only six minutes to live? This one-take takes you on a terrifying journey after someone gets a Presidential Alert of his phone.

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Walter The Dog // Crowdfunding Pick

Walter the Dog

‘Walter the Dog’ is the story of Christopher, a man who’s one and only friend is his dog Walter. One day he finds an exact duplicate of Walter. He is unable to tell them apart and has no choice but to house the imposter. But there is something otherworldly and[…]

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Bush Leaguers // Daily Short Picks

Bush Leaguers – Team Photo

A proof of concept short for an animated comedy series about a team of misfit baseball players, set in the rough and tumble world of turn of the century New York City.

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Ghost in My House // Short Film Trailer

Ghost in My House

A story about the evil of Kasdeya locked in music box back in time by the priest Torah, which Alex found as so attractive nowadays down the antique shop.

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Bush Leaguers // Short Film Trailer

Bush Leaguers – Team Photo

A trailer for a proof of concept short for an animated comedy series about a team of misfit baseball players, set in the rough and tumble world of turn-of-the-century New York City.

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