Polymorphia // Short Film Trailer


Klaus Flue is a vegan man who suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder. He is obsessed with his cheating wife Eileen who left him. Klaus takes medication to shut down his inner-voice Serling that persuades him to do bad things. After a long journey in this surrealistic day he discovers that[…]

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Metamorphosis // Short Film Trailer


This film will recount the true story of Jon Smith and Bill Troester and the powerful transformation they experienced in their lives through the gospel. Bill and Jon’s childhoods were characterized by pain, disappointment and abuse. This drove them into lives of darkness, seeking for peace and relief from their[…]

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Bonnie // Daily Short Picks


An elite secret agent must seduce a target in order to secure some vital documents.

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A PSA For Teenage Girls On Halloween

A PSA For Teenage Girls On Halloween

After a rash of deaths occurred last Halloween, we were commissioned to make a short film that highlights the dangers involved with an old myth that’s become popular among teens. Director’s Statement This film is based on a little known myth I read about a few years back. We changed[…]

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Father // Halloween Week


A young boy lives with his mother who does not give him the attention he needs. There is also a father figure, but unfortunately for the boy, he is much worse… Father is a twisted metaphor about a dark monster conjured up by a mother’s neglect. It played at over[…]

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Final Thesis // Daily Short Picks

Final Thesis

From JG Film & Photo and Olson Entertainment Studios LLC we bring you our latest short film production, Final Thesis! Final Thesis follows the story of Ryan (Played by Rosario Corso), who refuses to allow his girlfriend Victoria (Played by Acei Martin) to be in his final thesis film project[…]

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The Devil's Passenger // Daily Short Picks

The Devil’s Passenger

Lauren (Colleen Kelly) sees what she thinks is a kidnapping, but this soon leads her down a long road of terror.  Director’s Statement The Devil’s Passenger was a story idea that came to me while sitting in traffic. The project was shot over two nights in August 2018. We shot[…]

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Urn // Daily Short Picks


A distressed daughter visits a secluded lake to scatter her mother’s ashes. Very soon it becomes clear that not only was their relationship deeply troubled, but that the mother has no intention of leaving her daughter behind. Director’s Statement Urn is inspired by the classic BBC Christmas ghost stories which[…]

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The Rizzle // Daily Short Picks

The Rizzle

Elena loves the roaring 1920s. A fondness she’ll soon regret. Director’s Statement I have a love for the Roaring 20s. The fashion. The music. The cinema. The Architecture. All of it amounts to being one of the most enchanting and gorgeous eras in modern history. Though, as much as I[…]

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