The Gaze // Featured Short

The Gaze

When Mayra, a young scientist, believes she has been sexually harassed by her renowned boss, she finds a dangerous new power awakened inside her. ‘The Gaze‘ is certainly a film designed to spark up some conversations, or at least after the rising movements of the past few months, keep up[…]

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Paloma // Daily Short Picks


Conflicted by his friends’ varying philosophies on how to move on from terrible things, Mateo struggles between wanting to heal peacefully or by seeking revenge on his abuser.

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Lifeless // Daily Short Pick


A new kind of organism has been born. It is not made up of flesh and blood, but of circuits and wires. Witness the life of this organism unfold as it grows and thrives, until it must inevitably conclude.

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Golden Gates // Daily Short Picks

Golden Gates

Golden Gates is a one shot, slow motion music video for Australian band, Sundown Jury. It shows the surreal moments of a young girl’s dream, and as she dances her way along the path laid out before her, the surrounding world changes, guiding us through an abstract story that explores[…]

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Joey // Daily Short Pick


Alan struggles to stay connected when his only son Joey, moves out of the farm into the city.

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A Play // Featured Short Film

A Play

When two friends go to see a friends play, they soon realize just how terrifying supporting the arts can be. Telling the truth can sometimes be hazardous. ‘A Play‘ goes head-on into the awkwardness of two friends who witness their friend’s horrible play. The result is enchantingly relatable, until things[…]

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Roam // Daily Short Pick


One dark night on the road to adulthood, a teen must choose between his friends, and his future. ROAM is a short film exploring themes around youth, friendship and connectivity in the pre-internet world. Director’s Statement This is my first film, and I wanted to tell a simple and timeless[…]

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Lucid Nation // Short Film Trailer

Lucid Nation

Two middle-schoolers try an experiment at home involving ping pong balls, red light, and white noise.

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The Eyes of The Others // Daily Short Picks

The Eyes Of Others

Virginia Woolf wrote: ‘The eyes of others our prisons; their thoughts our cages’ Between our slavish devotion to smart-phones and the messages they contain, there are few among us who feel happy with how these interactions pan out. Activities that used to be ends in their own right, have become[…]

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