Nage Libre // Daily Pick

Nage Libre

Written and directed by Hugo Martin-Lassagne, NAGE LIBRE (French for “freestyle” swimming) is BME Films’ first international project, a co-production with Mood Films. The piece is a presentational teaser for a feature Martin-Lassagne describes as “BLACK SWAN meets competitive swimming.”

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Proximity // Short Film Trailer


An introverted bellhop and a misanthropic desk clerk connect over their dark pasts and unintentionally become two lovers on the lam.

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The Moon // Daily Short Picks

The Moon

After a ruthless dictator’s improbable escape to the moon, a room full of politicians and generals must devise a plan to once again end the war.

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Game // Featured Short


A young boy struggles to endure his sister’s twisted game and accept his mother’s death ‘Game’ is a psychological thriller from Canadian filmmaker Joy Webster, exploring the development of a child’s struggle to cope with his mother’s death with little support from his divided family. When alone in the forest,[…]

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Private Life // Short Trailer

Private Life

A young woman opens up to her best friend about a very confusing and scarring night, only to receive revengeful proposal that might just change their lives forever.

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The Copyist // Daily Pick

The Copyist

The office photocopier sees much more than we can imagine. In the darkness of the copy room anything can happen. The Copyist is the first narrative film ever made with a photocopier.

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Nina // TRailer


Nina is a story of love, loss and origami. This is short drama film following Sarah as she returns to a house full of memories which slowly work their way into her psyche .

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Step Into My Office // Daily Short Picks

Step Into My Office: Games

Episode 3: Games A dark comedy gender swap anthology series in which sexist female bosses interview aspiring young male employees. Inspired by real incidents involving male bosses and female employees. Director’s Statement I created Step Into My Office as a response to dozens of stories I collected in 2017 from[…]

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Bodies of Water // Daily Short Picks

Bodies of Water

“Bodies of Water”.is a story of a young man isolated by profound shame and fear of absolute rejection. It’s about longing for acceptance and the possibility of love, and, ultimately, seizing the moment to reach out to another human being. Marsh is 24 years old, and he struggles with a[…]

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