Lady // Daily Short Picks


Lady lives in South East London and isn’t afraid to do her own thing. A fan of the ‘ladette culture’ from the 90’s, Lady tells us why it was so great, why it’s still acceptable for it to carry on and still have a balanced playing field between men and[…]

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[ UNUM ] // Featured Short

[ UNUM ]

[ UNUM ] (lat.”one”) discovers the singularity of life. Beginning with a carnal prologue between man and woman, the figurative journey continues with a lone huntsman at a cave. Accompanied by his loyal dog the huntsman delivers delicate honey to a shady merchant – as a single drop of the[…]

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Sur Ecoute // Daily Short Picks

Sur Écoute

Up: A fisherman stuck in a traffic jam in the middle of the ocean. Down: A wale mix up horns of boats with the song of his congener. Here is the story of a line.

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Bill's Leaving // Short Film Trailer

Bill’s Leaving

On the eve of his going away party, disgraced executive Bill goes into the bathroom to kill himself, but before he can do the deed, a stream of his subordinates file in exchanging stories about him, each worse than the next.

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Her Hair Was Long Like When We Were Dating // Daily Short Picks

Her Hair Was Long, Like When We Were Together

After their apartment is robbed, a couple discover a futuristic spray that reveals what missing items have been stolen. Blinded by curiosity, the couple decide to use the spray on themselves to discover what the other is still missing…

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The Katy Universe // Featured Short

The Katy Universe

Katy went to a wedding and developed superpowers. Things get pretty crazy in Patrick Muhlberger’s freshest short ‘The Katy Universe‘. It’s not a total shock after featuring his last completely whacky short ‘Pop Music‘. Katy is the story of a young woman who believes she developed superpowers during her friend’s[…]

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Acoustic Space // Daily Short Picks

Acoustic Space

This short film about how technology has changed the way we communicate features a couple have dinner at an elegant restaurant who cannot complete a conversation due to their constantly ringing cell phones. Director’s Statement “Acoustic Space” grew out of my love-hate relationship with technology. I love the fact that[…]

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Cruel Perfection // Short Film Trailer

Cruel Perfection

A desperate actress tries an extreme new beauty product when she becomes obsessed with a young celebrity on social media. Premiering on Film Shortage January 23rd!

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One Man's Trash // Daily Short Picks

One Man’s Trash

A Brooklyn man has a strange hobby of creating life size robots out of trash. Director’s Notes We hired Peter for a different video about 5 years ago. We didn’t know until he showed up to set that all his suits were made out of trash. It was amazing. So[…]

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Kami-Sama // Crowdfunding Pick


“Kami-sama” is a horror film in the tradition of Japanese classics like Onibaba and Kwaidan. Seven year-old Ayumi refuses to finish her dinner. So her parents try to scare her straight with the tale of the Kami-sama, a spirit that punishes spoiled children who don’t eat their food. But Ayumi[…]

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