White Man's Curse // Daily Short Picks

White Man’s Curse

A conversation between slaves reveals that the real chains of slavery enslave the mind and spirit. Director’s Statement When Peter first told me about his film I was immediately drawn to it and instantly wanted to help him make it. We initially didn’t even discuss me directing it, I just[…]

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Ostiary // Short Film Trailer


A lonely space traveler violently crashes on an undiscovered planet. Stranded and running low on food, he decides to venture out into a planet’s mysterious environment in search of nutrition. However, he soon finds himself in a situation that’s far more dire.

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The First Believer // Daily Short Picks

The First Believer

We are told all our lives that if you believe in yourself that is all that matters. But is it? What about the belief in others? Friends, family, lovers, coaches, mentors, etc. These are all examples of people that shape who we are. How do they shape the way our[…]

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Spiritus Lepus // Featured Short Film

Spiritus Lepus

Hidden amongst the mythical undergrowth in a grimy operation room, six Rabbit Humanoid Surgeons haphazardly fight to save the life of a damaged soul. Distraught and on the brink of death, a young man, Sam, collapses at the border of a mythical forest claimed by the Lepus Humanoids. Part hare,[…]

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Resistance // Daily Short Picks


Everyone of us knows the struggle Steve goes through: You got THE idea! You want to work it out! But a notorious friend sneaks back into your life. Will Steve find a way to survive this battle?

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Mother of Calamity // Short Film Trailer

Mother of Calamity

A troubled but feisty punk rocker builds a killbot to exact vengeance on her enemies. But her creation soon sees who the true enemy is, and plots her demise.

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We Belong Together // Daily Short Picks

We Belong Together

Three friends leave on a road trip to see if they still belong together Director’s Statement The last four years I have been walking around with a vision of making a short film capturing the feeling of living in the present, spending time with friends. This vision soon became a[…]

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Simply Play Cricket // Daily Short Picks

Simply Play Cricket

“Simply Play Cricket” is a short film about an adult who struggles to step out of his comfort zone to achieve his unrealized dream of playing cricket. Simply Play Cricket The seed of the idea for “Simply Play Cricket” originally came from my own life. I have put away many[…]

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A Cry For Our Future // Daily Short Picks

A Cry for our Future

The story follows Tony, an aspiring entrepreneur who is struggling to pitch his idea. When he gives up and realises that he is a failure, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity presents itself for him. This involves an urgent meeting with an important investor. Shortly after, he receives a phone call from his[…]

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Ocean Breeze // Daily Short Picks

Ocean Breeze

A French Canadian tourist visits an American beach town, but struggles to embrace what might be waiting outside of her hotel room. Director’s Statement Ocean Breeze was inspired by the hotel-based isolation I often feel when traveling for work and the anxiety that can accompany finding yourself in new and[…]

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