Ius Talionis // Trailer

Ius Talionis

A nightly encounter between two lovers, turns into something unexpected… Premieres September 2nd on Film Shortage

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The Lemon Tree // Featured Short

The Lemon Tree

John’s going to Say Yes to everything today… no matter what John, broken-hearted and down on his luck, sets out for the day on a mission to SAY YES to whatever life offers him. After accepting a bag of lemons, one thing leads to another, and John parades around naked[…]

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Korn - YNFM // Daily Short Picks

Korn – YNFM

The director’s cut of Korn’s ‘You’ll Never Find Me’ music video. A thrilling visual ride based on Nietzsche’s idea of eternal recurrence tells a story of a man stuck in an infinite cycle of time. Watch the official video version below

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Nobody I Can Trust // Daily Short Picks

Kemba – Nobody I Can Trust

An absurdist narrative video, using tropes from zombie movies to satirize race relations. GET OUT meets GROUNDHOG DAY. Kemba plays a fry cook in an aggressively retro-Americana suburb. In a loop of the same 3 scenes that make up his day-to-day routine- Each day, beginning with a different African-American person[…]

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He Calls Them All by Name // Short Trailer

He Calls Them All by Name

In this Southern gothic allegory, an anxious tenant farmer confronts his gun-toting neighbor at the climax of an ongoing conflict. Made against the backdrop of the partisan politics overwhelming our media, the film is a meditation on the dangers of allowing that which divides us to define our cultural values.

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The Fish Doctor // Daily Short Picks


Luigi is the owner of what appears to be a fish shop. Two TV producers discover the strange little shop, and intrigued by his activity, they invite the quirky man to their freak TV show but Luigi will manage to turn everyone into silent fish. Disrector’s Satement The Fish Doctor[…]

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Don't Waste IT // Daily Short Picks

newhaven | Don’t Waste It

Set in an abandoned research facility, the music video follows ‘Six’, a test subject who is goaded into making his escape by a mysterious woman from his past. The film clip combines miniature sets with 3D and 2D animated characters into a menagerie of styles that are diverse, but still[…]

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In Full Bloom // Featured Short

In Full Bloom

The story of Cecile, an older Vietnamese-American hoarder, whose life is upended when worms open a black hole in her house and threaten to take all her belongings Grief can create an enormous hole in someone’s life, a seemingly insurmountable growing mass that sucks in everything within its path. Written[…]

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