Jimbo // Featured Short


After their latest heist, Jimbo decides to take charge of his destiny and break free from his anarchist father’s prison. It is time to hear Jimbo’s inner rebel yell Jimbo, sixteen, quiet, and shy, has spent his life cowering in the shadow of his controlling, anarchist, father El Tigron, and[…]

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Hannah: A Model // Daily Short Picks

Hannah: A Model

Hannah is an Australian model living the perfect life in Venice California except when she chooses to be “bad”. In this wonderfully absurd parody profile, directed by Blair Beeken, we get a light-hearted jab at the mega beautiful, healthy, and self-absorbed life a model. The performance is pulled off with[…]

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Shoegazer // Short Film Trailer


After an alienating conversation, a 26 year old black female learns there is more to her relationship with her hair than she once thought.

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Flight // Daily Short Picks

Flight- If Life Had a Safety Demonstration

Pulling apart the most recognized piece of choreography- the inflight safety demonstration to create an intimate journey of rebellion and finding your own voice against the boundaries of society. Director’s Statement I wanted to explore in a very abstract way the idea of conforming to gendered expectations and the mask[…]

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Our Favorite Comedy Picks of 2018

Our Favorite Comedy Short Picks of 2018

Bring out the laughs. The 5th edition of our favorite short picks highlight the best comical shorts of 2018. Whether they are whacky, non-sensical or absurd, they will certainly all make you laugh! Let’s Do It by Joel Jay Blacker Watch Film Big Boy by Bryan Campbell Watch Film Moose[…]

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FOMI fear of missing in // Featured Short

FOMI (fear of missing in)

Exploring the lost connection with the inner self and the lack of solitude caused by all the modern world’s social pressures and overuse of social media ‘Fear of Missing In’ reverses the popular slang FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and puts the focus on a journey that goes inwards, towards[…]

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Constant Treason // Short Film Trailer

Constant Treason

A genomic scientist creates a bioengineering program for soldiers and decides to destroy it, the only problem is he falls in love with a CIA agent who tries to stop him.

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Calling // Daily Short Picks


A violent event fractures the relationship between a Mexican American seamstress and her intellectually challenged adult son. Director’s Statement As a female filmmaker, I felt it is my obligation to talk about rape through a female perspective. That perspective would not depict the physical humiliation a woman undergoes through such[…]

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Liam Reeves // Daily Short Picks

Liam Reeves

A chance encounter between a television star and a recent college graduate takes a turn when the actor reveals the disturbing truth about his circumstances. Director’s Statement What defines your morality? How do your age and life experiences play into the decisions you make as an adult? These are a[…]

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FOMI // Short Film Trailer

FOMI (Fear of Missing In)

FOMI is an experimental short film that explores the lost connection with the inner self and the lack of solitude caused by all the modern world’s social pressures and overuse of social media. Premiering May 20th.

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