Where are the quality shorts?

Vimeo Vs YouTube Submission Analysis

In support of our YouTube Vs Vimeo article, we have decided to draw out our own stats after 2 years of collecting thousands of short film submissions. What we noticed was pretty interesting. Equal Submissions After thousands of submissions, the amount of shorts received from YouTube & Vimeo were fairly[…]

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YouTube or Vimeo? Which is best for your Short Film?

YouTube or Vimeo

Note: This post was originally published in November 2012 and has been revised and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. So you created your short film, finished your post production, and you are now ready to post your film online. But where do you upload it? Some might say it’s easy,[…]

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The Weekend Shortlist: Without You

The Weekend Shortlist: Lessons

Yet another weekend, and I feel like I’m in need for some drama lessons, hope you are too! We have for you 4 differently dramatic shorts, and if you know dramas, there’s always a twist! Lesson From a Stranger by Mahmut Akay We’ll start off with a wonderfully simple short[…]

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Why Do We Love Short Films?

Before you leave to go watch awesome shorts, make sure to leave us a little comment about why YOU love short films in our comment box at the bottom of the page! We really want to know what triggers your short love! Our relationship with the short film has been[…]

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What Type Of Short Films Do We Prefer?

What Do We Like After several weeks since the launch, and almost a month since we started accepting shorts, we are already starting to see patterns in the submitted films. Today we would like to take the time to tell our viewers and submitters what type of short films we[…]

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