Nina // TRailer


Nina is a story of love, loss and origami. This is short drama film following Sarah as she returns to a house full of memories which slowly work their way into her psyche .

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Bodies of Water // Daily Short Picks

Bodies of Water

“Bodies of Water”.is a story of a young man isolated by profound shame and fear of absolute rejection. It’s about longing for acceptance and the possibility of love, and, ultimately, seizing the moment to reach out to another human being. Marsh is 24 years old, and he struggles with a[…]

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Love // Daily Short Picks


A very modern adaptation of the poem ‘Love’ by Polish writer Maria Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska, originally published in 1926.

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Boo // Short Film Trailer


A traumatic event forces a recovering addict to face her demons, without her worried fiancé uncovering the truth. Over the course of a rough night, Devi, 7 years sober, must make a difficult choice between who she loves and WHAT she loves.

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Wham // Daily Short Picks


Two people fall in love on the sidewalk.

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The Wrong Swipe // Daily Short Picks

The Wrong Swipe

Things go astray when house mates use a new dating app to find love. Director’s Statement This film is the first in a trilogy of comedy short that I have written. Based very loosely on real-life events, all three are dark comedic takes on situations based in the world of[…]

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Je l'aime aussi // Daily Short Picks

Je l’aime aussi (I love her too)

A short film about not being able to let go. We find ourselves in a closed loop, that for a short moment seems to open as the clarity of our conscious appears. At this moment we are left alone with the paradox of choice and desire. Should we change? Director’s[…]

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Too Young For a Memoir // Daily Short Picks

Too Young for a Memoir

A man plunges into his reservoir of memory, nostalgia and regret. But he finds love there, and curiosity, and earnest dedication to personal expression. Stitched together with layered ink drawings, paintings, paper cutouts, collage and digital manipulation, Too Young for a Memoir lays bare the artist’s halting, anxious, misguided and[…]

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Touch // Daily Short Picks


Fragments of a love story, composed of point-of-view shots. Director’s Statement The concept of this film stemmed from a simple class exercise I did at Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema (Brooklyn College). The requirement was to shoot a short love story without showing the actors’ faces. I wanted to portray[…]

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