The old ones call it chaos // Daily Short Picks

Les Anciens l’appelaient CHAOS

(The Old One’s Called it Chaos) One night, Pierre decides to go out of his house to follow a strange white light. His family does not agree with that.

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Rebel // Trailer


A young boy discovers a family in the woods while playing and begins to question the purpose of his father’s militia, in Pier-Philippe Chevigny’s provocative, nuanced portrayal of a child’s unsettling encounter with the full implications of his family’s ideology.

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Vanilla Cake // Daily Short Picks

Vanilla Cake

Alex’s 16th birthday quickly takes a turn when he begins to discover the horror that is brewing under the surface of his family.

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Coin Lunch // Featured Short

Coin Lunch

Jeff is a salaryman trying to fit into the hierarchy of the Japanese workplace. But when his wife cuts his daily budget, Jeff’s life begins a downward spiral, leaving him to choose what he needs more: his job or his family Sacrifices can sometimes take a toll on someone. Coin[…]

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My Loyal Audience // Daily Short Picks

My Loyal Audience

In this dark comedy, sheltered teenage Lyla begins to suspect that her most personal, embarrassing thoughts may not be as private as she had hoped. Director’s Statement At its core, My Loyal Audience is about the desperate lengths people go to protect each other from the truth, and the vulnerability[…]

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Construct // Featured Short


Early to work one morning, Aiden happens upon illegal activities purveyed by his employer and is drawn into a brutal fight for his life and the safety of his family. You might remember the ‘Construct‘ trailer from back in 2014, where it also reached our Top 5 of the year.[…]

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Sunshine and Rain // Daily Short Picks

Sunshine and Rain

A young woman grapples with the choice of investing in her future or taking care of her troubled family.

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Dad // Short Film Trailer


Emilio, a devoted husband and father decides to have a vasectomy done. Before the procedure, he’s met with the news that nothing needed to be changed; he’s never been able to have kids. He now has to go home to face the family he thought was his.

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The Way Home // Daily Short Picks

The Way Home

In a dying world what will matter most? Director’s Statement In a dying world what will matter most? It’s a question that forces you almost immediately to pause and determine for yourself, “what does matters most?”. When the question was pressed upon me, I couldn’t help but think that my[…]

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