Down From London // Daily Short Picks

Down from London

A couple move to the English coast to escape the city. But it’s not quite the new beginning they were hoping for.

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Stationary // Short Film Trailer


A perpetual third wheel crashes her younger boss’ Couples Spinning class.

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The First Believer // Daily Short Picks

The First Believer

We are told all our lives that if you believe in yourself that is all that matters. But is it? What about the belief in others? Friends, family, lovers, coaches, mentors, etc. These are all examples of people that shape who we are. How do they shape the way our[…]

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The Woodcutter // Daily Short Picks

The Woodcutter

Questioning the cursed 1930’s film reel in their possession, a couple discover it’s true horrors when they screen ‘The Woodcutter’.

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Ordinary Girl // Short film trailer

Ordinary Girl

A middle aged couple in a new relationship reveal past secrets while they discuss expectations of their future.

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Chapter One : Alone // Daily Short Picks

Chapter One : Alone

A couple struggles to keep their relationship alive after a tragic event. Director’s Statement Alone is about a couple fighting for their relationship after experiencing a terrible loss. It’s about heartache, sadness, and hope. It’s about surviving.

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And Still, We Love // Daily Short Picks

And Still, We Love

During the implementation of an executive order that will separate them, an interracial couple shares a last moment of joy.

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Love Language / Romance // Daily Short Picks

Love Language

A young couple tries to hold onto a new love high. Director’s Statement I wanted to make something that captured those moments you feel early on in a relationship, when you have superpowers. I originally had a script for this film, but none of the dialogue made it into the[…]

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12 Beers // Short Film Trailer

12 Beers

Once a year, longtime couple Danny and Sarah each drink 12 beers and decide if they’re going to re-up their lease and their relationship…or break up and go their separate ways. A six part comedic series created by Mike Camerlengo. Watch the entire series here:

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