A young woman leaves home for a journey to try to regain contact with the extra-terrestrials she claims to have been abducted by

A dramatic short that walks us into the surreal, or at least a reality that is still unknown to us. In The Pines has the allures of previously featured short film 88:88 by Joey Ciccoline, but instead of waiting and defending herself, in this one she goes out for the search of these extra-terrestrials.

The film follows the main protagonist through her journeyed walk to get back in contact with visitors from another planet, while hearing her narrative voice of a letter she left to her mother.

After learning that a small percentage of abduction experiences were positive, we wanted to explore the idea of someone haunted by the memory of that kind of feeling.

Zeek Earl & Chris Caldwell submerge you into a beam of extraordinary visuals, as every shot in the film seems extensively thought out. The directors wanted to exploit the natural surroundings of their home city, Seattle. Mostly shot on the Olympic Mountains, they brilliantly incorporated macro shots of the environment and insects, to give the film texture and some unearthly like features.

The original music by Daniel L.K. Caldwell pairs wonderfully with the visuals, letting us sink into this young woman’s unusual journey with such ease

Sit back and enjoy this visual feast!


You can also see clips of In The Pines in Film Shortage’s ‘This Is Who We Are’ Trailer