White Kids Can't Jump // Daily Short Picks

White Kids Can’t Jump

From award-winning directors The Hudson Dusters, aka Michael Kuhn and Niles Roth, comes an homage to one of their favorite films with a unique twist starring some kid basketball phenoms. “White Kids Can’t Jump” stars Noah (IG @babybirdman3), Enzo Lee (IG @teamenzotv), and Aaron “AO” Owens. Directors Statement For filmmakers[…]

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Bonnie // Daily Short Picks


An elite secret agent must seduce a target in order to secure some vital documents.

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Hoarder // Daily Short Picks


The film follows a meticulous hoarder around his warehouse of trinkets. While he follows his daily routine a twist reveals he is hoarding more than just trinkets… Director’s Statement Growing up I watched my grandfather collect (or HOARD) a large assortment of material items. His warehouse which was our set[…]

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The Auditor // Daily Short Picks


A man in a bar flirts with a woman who claims to invade the body of others to evaluate their life choices. What follows is a bizarre turn of events that exposes a hidden agenda and ends in a way that neither of them could have predicted. The Auditor is[…]

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2% Evil || Short Film Trailer

2% Evil

A Pure Horror with a twist. When Kelly moves to a small town for her new teaching job, she finds herself in the middle of the town’s really… really… meaty secret. And everyone’s in on it, except for her.

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Steak Knife | Featured Short Film

Steak Knife

The Date with the Unexpected – A darkly wicked suspense-thriller, with a twisted smile… George gets a dinner date with the unexpected in this twisted dark thriller, Steak Knife. Written and directed by Ben Gutteridge, we are placed on the uncomfortable edge when George’s date with Julia is dominated by[…]

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None But Myself | Daily Short Picks

None But Myself

The prelude to an already written feature, the short film takes place before the events of the feature. A social outcast has lost her mother, her father is (sexually) abusing her and she is struggling with her sexual orientation. Her introverted nature makes her a target for bullies which only[…]

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Daily Short Picks | The Twist

The Twist

The Twist follows two screenwriters plotting a cliché revenge fantasy after hours. As the story progresses, the lines between fantasy and reality begin to blur. astudio518.com facebook.com/AStudio518 instagram.com/astudio518 twitter.com/astudio518

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What if you seemingly had the ability to take back what you’ve done? Could everything be repaired, or are you digging your own grave? Watch the full short on our Daily Short Picks facebook.com/pages/RETCON

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A thriller with a sci-fi edge. What if you seemingly had the ability to take back what you’ve done? Could everything be repaired, or are you digging your own grave? facebook.com/pages/RETCON

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