The Date with the Unexpected – A darkly wicked suspense-thriller, with a twisted smile…

George gets a dinner date with the unexpected in this twisted dark thriller, Steak Knife. Written and directed by Ben Gutteridge, we are placed on the uncomfortable edge when George’s date with Julia is dominated by her peculiar, uninvited flatmate, Sara. With excruciating pressure, she controls what they eat, say, when they dance, kiss… George wants to rescue Julia, but he may be the one that needs saving!

I am attracted to stories about secrets, suspense, sex and obsession. In a sense, Steak Knife is a kind of homage to Roald Dahl’s Tales of the Unexpected. I made it as a way of exploring pressure and to tell one of my own stories, as a step to features.

Starring and driven byJosh McGuire, Aimee-Ffion Edwards and Cara Horgan, the protagonists set the unusual tone orchestrated by Ben. The clever direction and writing leaves us edging until the end, and while we almost certainly know what is going to happen, we are still put in the thrilling suspense of the unknown. The film was marvelously scored by Raffertie.